Assistant Manager, Bureau De Change, HQ

Req ID:  5910
Job Description: 



To achieve target revenue of FCN and WU

To achieve targeted margin for FCN

  • Overseeing and ensuring the Supervisor undertakes operational duties and business related obligation, both effectively & efficiently.
  • Undertake daily rate management and stock management at BDC outlet
  • Coordinates and manage currency disposal and replenishment process at BDC outlets 
  • Monitor and ensure overall stock level (FCN & RM)  to ensure no stock out at BDC outlets
  • Monitor, review and feedback to ensure rate & margin remains beneficial to BDC.
  • Regularly analyze revenue results/ performance of the bureau and to recommend / implement practice to enhance profitability.
  • Identify and implement measures of cost control / containment
  • Manage manpower at BDC which include managing duty roster to ensure sufficient staffing for smooth operation


Business and Strategy Execution


Monitor and Ensure all BDC staffs undertake customer acquisition initiative

Planning and execution of Beyond BDC engagement

Identifying and implement process  improvement at BDC

  • Promote BDC services to potential customers
  • Manage, coordinate and plans for promotions activity (FCN and WU), including obtaining all the relevant internal approval at BDC outlets
  • Proactively initiate beyond BDC  engagement, particularly thru close contacts thru non-conventional medium
  • Guide the teams of Supervisors with beyond BDC engagement  
  • Together with team of supervisors, to  identify, propose and execute process improvement that leads to
    • Efficient operation, and / or 
    • Improved revenue generation


Risk and Compliance


Compliance to all internal policies/ guidelines and external regulatory requirements.

Ensure no operational shortcoming at BDC or individually

Undertake and manage completion of reports for internal and external users

Undertake BDC Quarter or Business visit to BDC Outlets

Undertake administration matter

  • Make certain that all staffs adheres and complies with all Risk/Compliance/external regulatory requirements, and all Bank’s policies and guidelines.
  • Accountable for BDC overall performance on audit and to attend to recommendation of external / internal audit to ensure no recurrence
  • Ensuring operational efficiency and effectiveness at BDC outlets, among others by ensuring that all process, system and equipment’s are in good and working order  
  • To uphold integrity and professionalism while conducting BDC business, activity and all aspect of operations.
  • To discharge duties efficiently and accurately in the best interest of the Bank.
  • Prepare and ensure completeness and accuracy of mandatory reporting for relevant internal users, external users and other statutory submission
  • Responsible for western union operation daily reconciliation and settlement process for BDC outlet
  • Undertake management of BDC Asset to ensure all BDCs assets are correctly reflected and recorded.
  • Responsible for OSHA matter



Management of customer service level at BDC

To ensure all staffs deliver efficient, excellent and good customer services to customers within the average transaction time.

Maintain and improve over the counter service level at BDC Outlets

Manage any communication on western union matter to BDC or Western Union  (WU) representative

Undertake BDC Liaison officer roles which is the contact points between HQ and BDC.

  • To observe, guide and motivate all staffs in delivering effective & efficient service to all customers
  • Handle and ensure all staffs efficiently handling and solving customer complaints/issue (if any).
  • Ensuring all staffs obtains desired number of feedback from customer thru completion of standard form.
  • Observe and ensure BDC counter is man with enough manpower that has excellent customer service and cash handling at all time.
  • Reduce down time at counter
  • Undertake the dealing with corporate customers and individual including end to end process from foreign currencies rate and stock inquiries from customers to ensuring delivery of foreign currencies to customer.
  • Planning and execution of beyond BDC engagement


People Management & Development

To complete the Individual Development Plan (IDP) as set by HR

Guide and train existing and new staffs at BDC outlets

Manage and monitor the training plan and module for BDC outlets

  • To complete all training module designed by the Bank.
  • To guide and to continuously coaching to all staffs on Bank’s policy and guidelines and all matters related to BDCs.
  • Guide all staffs in achieving revenue target, margin improvement, operational excellence, efficient & excellent customer service to customer
  • Ensure all staffs are train in cash handling and good customer service.