Assistant Manager, Credit Assessment & Review, SME Banking Division

Req ID:  5617
Job Description: 

Duties and Responsibilities


1) Credit Evaluation of New and Enhancement Applications

  • To process, evaluate and to complete the Memorandum of Approval (MA) / Credit Proposal
  • To mitigate the issue as highlighted / concerned / raised by Credit Management Division
  • To present and to seek approval from the respective Financing Committee
  • To prepare Guarantee Notification Request for submission to SJPP for guarantee coverage on the approved credit application
  • To prepare the Letter of Offer (LO) for issuance to Sales & Marketing Team (SMT)




  1. ​​​​​
  • To communicate with Sales & Marketing Team (SMT) and ensure all the documents required are properly submitted
  • To ensure that submission received from Sales & Marketing Team (SMT) are within the accepted risk appetite in an effort to secure quality customers
  • To ensure that all processes and terms are duly complied within the standard turnaround time (TAT)
  • To ensure adherence and compliance to all internal policies/guidelines and external regulatory requirements
  • To update and maintain proper records on daily basis on the assigned accounts/proposals to ensure proper structured tracking can be performed
  • To deal with various units within the division or various division at HQ to assist in providing support to solve issues (as and when required)



2. Any other duties/assignments/responsibilities as and when directed/assigned by the superior as per business requirement from time to time.