Assistant Manager, Credit Assessment & Review

Req ID:  6143
Job Description: 

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Track and monitor accounts due for review to ensure zero lapses in reviewing existing accounts.
  • Request documents from existing customers by issuing letters and reminders to ensure efficient turnaround time and proper submission for decision.
  • Prepare credit proposals for each account to be reviewed in a timely manner, ensuring that the status of the business is properly updated.
  • Ensure data integrity, and communicate any changes to existing accounts upon review approval to Business Support for system maintenance/updates.
  • Ensure the preparation of "Credit Proposal" complies with prevailing guidelines and manuals issued by the bank and relevant authorities.
  • Risk Analysis and Relationship Management: Analyze changes in business activities or variations in customers' risk profiles.
  • Work closely with account owners (RM) to decide whether to maintain the relationship, grow, or implement an exit strategy.
  • Closely engage and advise the RM for site visits and other pertinent issues to ensure compliance with all terms, including pre and post-disbursement conditions.
  • Request confirmation from credit admin and other departments to ensure all conditions precedent are met by customers.
  • Mitigate risk assessments to ensure review proposals align with the bank's guidelines and address potential risks.
  • Issue Renewal Letters of Offer for approved cases under review and follow up with customers and RMs for acceptance.
  • Track and monitor AQAD (Approval, Query, and Disbursement) due for maturity by coordinating with Business Support and other stakeholders for Renewal Letter Offers, ensuring non-disruption of existing line utilization.
  • Notify related stakeholders, such as CGC/SJPP, of any changes in terms and conditions on accounts post-disbursement or any non-compliance issues from earlier approvals.
  • Provide referrals to the RM for accounts that merit additional financing after analyzing the review documents.
  • Undertake any other ad-hoc work requirements as requested by the immediate supervisor or Head to ensure the day-to-day functioning of the overall Credit Assessment & Review, SME Banking.


Job Requirements


  • Possess a degree in any related discipline or demonstrate equivalent practical experience.
  • An added advantage would be more than 3 years of proven work experience in the Banking industry.
  • Solid understanding of Islamic Banking concepts and products.
  • Proficient credit assessment skills.
  • Strong communication and presentation abilities.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and problem-solving skills.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Demonstrated creativity in designing new products, programs, and sales ideas.
  • Computer literacy with a proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.