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Assistant Manager, IT Embedded Risk Unit (ERU)

Req ID:  5024
Job Description: 


The Assistant Manager main function will include reporting on oversight of risk and compliance matters at all units within the Division to the Head of IT ERU. The Assistant Manager assists the Head of IT ERU to serve as focal point for Risk Management and Compliance Division in addressing any risk and compliance issues to strengthen and enhance the governance, processes and culture for an effective risk and compliance oversight across the division. The Assistant Manager of the ERU will have direct reporting to Head of IT ERU


Duties and Responsibilities

Risk Management

  • To assist in supervising, monitoring and providing support to all Risk Controller (RCs) in the Division in implementing the Operational Risk Management (ORM) and Shariah Compliance Risk Management (SCRM) framework, guidelines, processes and tools.
  • To timely follow up on resolutions of mitigation actions in order to mitigate the risk and to ensure the control implemented is effective and within the risk appetite.
  • To ensure the significant risk and incident is timely escalated and reported.
  • To provide awareness and educate the RCs and staff within the division on the risk related function.
  • To verify and validate the implementation of ORM tools within the division to ensure reporting integrity.
  • To ensure policies, guidelines and manual are current and up to date and in line with the Standard for the Control of Operational Risk (SCOR) requirement.
  • To assist the Head of IT ERU in representing the Division at the relevant risk committee meetings.



  • To keep abreast with the development and/or changes in acts, laws, rules and regulation issued by regulators and understand the spirit behind such regulatory requirements.
  • To ensure new regulations and requirements are localised and operationalised through the issuance of appropriate policies and procedures while working internally with the Head of Division/Department.
  • To disseminate new regulatory guidelines/requirements and brief pertinent information on regulatory compliance matters to the staff in the respective BU/SU and serve as focal point for Compliance Division in addressing any compliance risk issue.
  • Shall be guided by Guidelines on Risk Based Compliance Methodology when performing assessment of residual compliance risk.
  • To educate and coach the staff in respective BU/SU on prevailing acts, laws and regulations.
  • To highlight and report any non-compliance issue, respond to/investigate alleged violations of regulatory compliance and evaluating or recommending new processes to mitigate compliance risk.
  • To assist AML/CFT Department in ensuring compliance to Anti Money Laundering    and FATCA procedures including unwrapping the beneficial owner (BO) of a company/entity.
  • To perform review of new and existing regulations using Risk-Based Compliance Methodology jointly with RCD/PCG within stipulated timeline.
  • To ensure assurance processes are in line with the industry standards and the Compliance Division's expectation in respect of regulatory requirements.
  • To be involved/participate in any products/services/channels to be introduced by the Bank.


Other Functions

  • Ensure adherence and compliance to all internal policies / guidelines and external regulatory requirements.
  • Any other duty / assignment as and when directed / assigned by the superior as per operations/ business requirement from time to time.



  • Minimum of 1 - 3 years relevant experience