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Deposit Marketing Executive (DME) Selayang Branch (Required Mandarin Speaking)

Req ID:  4784
Job Description: 

DME Duties and Responsibility are as follows:


  1. DMEs are the main sales channel for Deposit and Cash Management (DCM).
  2. To sell and Market especially CASATIA products to Individual customers.
  3. Responsible to acquire New CASATIA Customers as per target set by the Management.
  4. Responsible to retain and increase CASATIA growth for existing customers.
  5. To perform marketing activities through up selling and out reaching.
  6. To plan and manage the overall day-to-day sales activities for better appointment efficiency, resource optimization and profit maximization.
  7. To constantly review and expeditiously implement new strategies and action plans should the Business require any additional thrust in order to derive the best results within the stipulated time frame.
  8. To comply with the AML/CFT Guideline when performing the on-boarding customer process. The customer due diligence must be conducted which includes:-
  9. Identify and verify the customer’s identity using reliable, independent source documents, data or information.
  10. Verify whether there is any people who act on behalf of the customers. If so, ensure the person is verified accordingly.
  11. Understand and obtain information on the purpose and intended nature of the business of the customer.
  12. To comply with the relevant regulatory requirements which include but not limited to BNM’s prohibited Business conducts and product Transparency Disclosure, Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 on Banking Secrecy Provisions and Permitted Disclosure and Personal Data Protection Act 2010.