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Deputy Manager, Credit Risk Portfolio Management - Risk Management

Req ID:  4731
Job Description: 

Responsible for the analysis, monitoring and reporting of Consumer, SME, Commercial and Corporate Banking credit risk profile at portfolio level and other related Credit Risk Portfolio Management functions.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Perform annual review of the Group Risk Appetite Statement (RAS) Policy and half-yearly monitoring on the relevant business conducts.
2. Assist Bank Islam’s Chief Economist in the preparation of Emerging Risk report on areas of credit risk that include provide information on the Bank’s credit portfolio exposures and asset quality of credit portfolio.
3. Analyse the changes and major movement of Pillar 3 Disclosure on the credit quality of gross financing and asset quality on a half-yearly basis.
4. Assist in the preparation of comprehensive review of Consumer portfolio risk profiles by product (i.e. House & Fixed Asset and Personal Financing), asset growth, asset quality, rating distributions, package concentration and identification of concern and assesses the portfolio asset quality and highlighting significant credit risk issues and trends to the relevant Risk Committees.
5. Assist in preparation of monthly risk report called the Risk Management & Credit Management Monthly Report which submitted to MRCC, BRC, and BOD on Consumer, SME, Commercial, Corporate Portfolio and other reports as and when required.
6. Liaise and follow-up with Business Unit in obtaining the relevant information/ data for analysis purposes.
7. Ensure adherence and compliance to all internal policies/guidelines and external regulatory requirements.
8. Any other duties/assignment as and when directed/assigned by the Head of Department as per business requirement from time to time.