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ESG Specialist (Manager), Credit Management

Req ID:  4265
Job Description: 


Responsible for managing the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) methodologies, policies and procedures of the Group. In partnership with businesses and support functions, leads the development and implementation of the ESG strategy to enhance the Group’s sustainability performance


Duties and Responsibilities

1.   ESG Methodologies, Policies & Procedures, Framework & Strategy

  1. Develops and reviews the ESG sector-specific policies including the ESG risk assessment framework to systematically identify, measure, control, monitor and report sustainability risk exposures across the Group.
  2. Implement and inculcate the ESG policies and procedures into the Group’s governance and business processes.
  3. Monitor and ensure the ESG policies and framework are in line with the Group’s risk appetite & strategic objectives.
  4. Working with internal stakeholders such as Risk Management and Business Units to implement the policies Group-wide and further advance ESG value creation and risk mitigation.


2.   Sustainability Risk Assessment & Reporting

  1. Integrating sustainability risk assessment (i.e. key ESG issues, risks and opportunities) and due diligence into financing and investment activities undertaken by the Group across a range of sectors with an understanding of how ESG issues can impact financing and investment decision.
  2. Undertake research projects and benchmarking analysis as needed on sustainability and ESG-related topics and themes, to help steward due diligence processes.
  3. Provide summaries, evaluations and analysis on relevant policy or market-related sustainability developments, as and when required.
  4. Prepare a report on the sustainability risk profile of the Group’s financing and investment activities to the relevant Management and Board Committees. 


3.   Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Champion, engage, build capability and capacity, raise awareness and drive participation for sustainability, both internally and externally.
  2. Provides ESG training, monitoring public best practice standards and regulatory development of ESG policies.
  3. Provide advice, expert knowledge towards ESG-related topics and guidance to conduct ESG impact assessments in the respective sectors.
  4. Participate in engagements with key ESG raters and reporting framework developers to understand their methodologies and stay current on emerging trends as well as expectations for transparency and reporting.


4.  Product Strategy

  1. Define and execute the sustainable financing and investment product strategy and roadmap for the Group, work with external and internal stakeholders to understand market needs and continue to drive innovation


5. Other duties and responsibilities

  1. Ensure adherence and compliance to all internal policies/ guidelines and external regulatory requirements.
  2. Any other duties/assignments as and when directed/ assigned by the superior as per business requirements from time to time.
  3. Manage stakeholder relationships with Senior Management, Regulators, Credit agencies and build relationships with key Head of Business Units and/or departments.



• Degree in any related discipline or equivalent experience


Years of Experience

  • More than 10 years experience in banking or other relevant industry with a minimum of 5 years in managerial function, focusing on Credit and ESG risk management


Specific Skills/Knowledge and Certification Required

• In-depth knowledge of key sustainability issues, ESG international standards and best practices for the banking sector

• Strong analytical, research and investigative skills, ability to evaluate and assess complex topics and creatively problem-solve

• Proficient in MS Office applications (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)

• Self-motivated, self-starter with a positive attitude and able to work under pressure

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with good business acumen

• Able to work in a team as well as independently with minimum supervision

• Resourceful and adaptable in a changing environment

• Proactive in resolving issues and challenges

• Good writing, presentation & analytical skills

• Strong managerial skill as well as a good team player

• Strong people skill with the ability to influence others

• Ability to multi-task, highly numerate with great attention to details