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Head of Risk Management, BIMB Investment

Req ID:  4657
Job Description: 

Role: Head of Risk Management for BIMB Investment




1. Risk Procedures Management:

 To lead and oversee the  overall risk management of the Company to ensure risk controls and monitoring tools in place to minimize operational risk, investment risk,  compliance risk, portfolio risk, legal risk and shariah risk

  • Develop, implement and monitor comprehensive risk management framework, policies, manuals and programs in support of BIMB Investment operations, investment management and business plans and growth,
  • Identify opportunities to drive efficiencies in the execution of ERM activities,
  • Active engagement with business lines in identification and assessment of risks at Company level to identify key risks that are affecting business financial objectives as well as regulatory and reputational risks and discuss/deliberate/advise the outcome with the CEO and the Board.
  • Conduct monthly, semi-annual and annual review risk assessments as well as to evaluate risk appetite to ensure it continues to be relevant and responsive to changes in the business activities, regulatory requirements and operating environment and deliberate/advise  the outcome to Management and Board level committees for review and approval.
  • Develop and implement key risk indicators to provide an early signal of increasing risk exposures in various areas of the Company both financial and non-financial aspects to the Management and the Board.
  • Prepare monthly reports on enterprise risk exposures and periodically reports to Management and CEO, Board Audit & Risk Committee, Board, Group Operational Risk Committees, Group Management Risk Committee and Board Risk Committee
  • Conduct trainings, workshops and information sessions to build up a risk management culture within BIMB Investment


Result Areas:

  • Zero risk findings from regulators and internal audit
  • Weekly update to CEO on potential risks areas and remedial actions to mitigate risks
  • Timely implementation of risk mitigation measures
  • Active engagement with HODs / Risk Controller including coaching , training and spot checks on internal control process
  • Timely Annual Board Risk Assessment



To perform the roles and responsibilities as Risk Controller for Group Risk

  • Ensure risk policies are current and dynamic
  • Ensure the Company’s adherence to risk policies through rigorous reporting & monitoring of any non-adherence and where applicable, take necessary preventive/ corrective actions.



Result Areas:

  • Semi-annual reporting of all Dept’s RCSA to Group Risk
  • Quarterly assessment on risk controls for all Dept
  • Ad-hoc reporting on any loss events to Group Risk


2. Risk Advisory

  • To advise on any matters relating to risk with the applicable requirements, including on operations, fund management and on dealings by employees and directors of the management company and investment committee members.
  • Ensure the Company, Senior Management and Board committees are updated on regulatory requirements and changes affecting the Company’s business and operations.


Result Areas

  • Advisory role to CEO, business units on queries relating to risk requirements.
  • Monthly & ad-hoc


3. Others

  • To carry any other duties as and when instructed by the Management from time to time.