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Manager, Operational Risk Management - Risk Management

Req ID:  4546
Job Description: 


  • Responsible for OR reporting and keeping Risk Management Committees/Board abreast highlighted and escalated operational risk related matters/issues. Ensure regular and timely reporting on the outcome of operational risk management activities undertaken.
  • Responsible for the management and implementation of Group ORM Framework & its related Guidelines, Risk Loss Event Management & Reporting, ORM Training, BNM’s ORION, CAFIB and ICAAP for ORMD.
  • To prepare/perform periodic ORM Reporting of the Bank and its subsidiaries (BIMB Invest and BIMB Securities) to ORCC, MRCC, BRC, and OR analysis related to ORM tools to risk management committees/ Board as and when required.
  • To assist/facilitate the implementation of ORM processes and tools. Assist in the continuous monitoring and reporting to risk management committees on the ORM tools implementation status and progress of various areas of the Bank and its subsidiaries (BIMB Invest and BIMB Securities).  
  • To perform training needs assessments, designing and delivering curriculum and learning materials as well as for managing all phases of training interventions.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • To strengthen the Group’s ORM Framework and capabilities to be in accordance with best / market practices as stipulated in the following (but not limited to);
    • Sound Practices for the Management and Supervision of Operational Risk (OR) issued by the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) known as Basel II Accord;
    • Risk-Weighted Capital Adequacy Framework issued by BNM.
    • All relevant guidelines.
  • To ensure the development and implementation of Group ORM Policy and its related guidelines as well as to facilitate/assist BU/SU in implementing the guidelines.
  • To ensure timely & accurate submission of data to CAFIB/ICAAP unit within RMD for the purpose of Capital Allocation and Stress Testing exercise.
  • To monitor and track the status of ORM-related Risk Appetite Statements (Financial & Non-Financial) and to support the CAFIB team in assessing the adequacy of RAS for Operational Risk and observe the regulatory requirements with regard to capital allocation for OR.
  • To plan and manage day-to-day operations of the ORM Framework & Governance Team.
  • To learn and master the techniques, methodologies and processes of all the ORM tools, especially relating them to ORM policies and industry best practices.
  • To do research and review industry best practices regarding ORM, and by applying the information derived and reviewing existing policies, strategies and procedures, ensure continuous improvement of the Bank’s ORM approach, including recommending to management regarding improvement opportunities.
  • To ensure the Bank and its subsidiaries (BIMB Invest and BIMB Securities) complies with internal/regulatory requirements with respect to ORM practices by facilitating, assisting and playing a consultative role to Business Unit/ Support Unit in the implementation of ORM processes and tools in line with the Group’s ORM Policy and Guidelines.
  • To ensure significant operational risks are adequately and effectively controlled and monitored via ORM’s tools so that the OR exposure is reduced to acceptable levels by way of implementing the established internal controls, introducing new mitigation controls and/or take actions to correct deficiencies in the processes, procedures and systems.
  • To ensure the integrity of ORM reporting to management i.e. ORCC, MRCC, BRC, BOD etc.
  • To promote a risk-aware culture bank-wide and inculcate a culture that “Managing Risk is everyone’s Business” i.e. plan and organize training programmes for ORM and assess their effectiveness for further improvements.
  • Facilitate/Conduct presentations and workshop sessions on ORM related training to the Bank’s and its subsidiaries’ appointed business and functional lines Risk Controller/Coordinator
  • To monitor and track all operational risk events reported via the Operational Risk Integrated System in the OR database for periodic reporting and analysis.
  • To work together with Shariah Risk Management Team and Business Continuity Management (BCM) Team on the Shariah risk and business disruption risk respectively to be in line with ORM approaches.
  • Representatives for ORMD for events conducted by BU/SU such as draw events etc.
  • Ensure adherence and compliance to all internal policies/guidelines and external regulatory requirements.
  • Any other duties/assignments as and when directed/assigned by the superior as per business requirements from time to time.