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Manager,Corporate Sales,Treasury

Req ID:  4817
Job Description: 


  • Lead and manage the FX Business strategic plans as to ensure FX business growth.
  •  Assist to manage areas of cost efficiency within FX Corporate Sales.
  •  Ensure yearly target on profit and volume of transactions are met.
           1. To participate in yearly planning on target return.
           2. To ensure competitive pricings are quoted to valued customers.
           3. To monitor performance on monthly basis.


Business and Strategy Execution

 Quote FX pricing for the Bank’s corporate clients.
· To quote special rate to corporate clients.
· To quote competitive pricing against certain benchmark.
· To generate optimum profit for the Bank.
To Concentrate few business sectors .
· Travel sectors.
· Education.
· Government/ Agencies
· GLCs / GLiCs
· SMEs
· eBanker potential clients
 To have appropriate and related reports and analysis as to track the business and performance .
· Daily /Monthly/YTD.
· Gold/Silver/Bronze Tracker.
· Daily new or Dormant Trackers.
· GLCs / GLiCs
To assist on Other initiatives Matters:
          1. To Realign our counter rates as to be competitive and cost effective.(Under V6)
          2. To use Nostro agents for maximum returns
          3. Introducing Dynamic Hedging forward.
          4. To regroup GOUR and OUR payment mode for better client selection and needs
          5. To protect TOP 50 and engage further TOP 100.
          6. To have regional marketing.

Risk and Compliance

  • Compliance to regulatory requirements as well as internal policy guidelines.
  • To ensure that clients provide the necessary information as required.
  • To ensure strict adherence to BNM’s requirements including reporting of deals in ROMS.
  • To ensure compliance to regulatory requirements such as BNM Notices and internal procedures and guidelines.
  • To highlight any necessary changes to the existing procedures and guidelines when necessary.
  • To uphold integrity and professionalism in the conduct of business, affairs and activities, including all aspects of treasury operations and activities.
  • To ensure all dealings are concluded based on Shariah compliant contracts that have been approved by the Shariah Advisory Council.
  • To be responsible and accountable to all the transactions concluded and in conducting the daily business activities
  • To observe the principles and standards in the BNM Code of Conduct policy document in dealings in other markets within or outside Malaysia.



  • Marketing and Maintenance of corporate customers.
  •  To make marketing call and visit to existing as well as potential corporate customers.
  •  To visit customers on regular basis – both existing and potential customers, as part of efforts to provide good service to clients and to widen the Bank’s customer base.
  •  To be able to address customers’ requirement accordingly.
  •  Updating and promoting banks’ products and services to clients
  •  Updating clients with latest regulatory requirements


People Management & Development

Training, coaching and mentoring.

  •  Ensure that Dealers are properly guided to perform their work/task.
  •  To conduct informal/formal coaching/mentoring/training to the Dealers on related areas.
  •  Presentation on FX and market info/updates to customers.
  •  Ongoing consultation on customer’s needs/problems.

Advisory and Training

  •  To conduct informal/formal training to internal and external clients on FX subject matters.To have ongoing consultation with corporate clients on challenges faced by them

 To uphold integrity and professionalism in theconduct of business, affairs and activities, including all aspects of Treasury operations and activities.