Manager - Contact Center and Customer Care, Group Chief Operating Officer's Office

Req ID:  6283
Job Description: 

To ensure that Contact Centre system (telephony, back-end system, and other related systems) is properly managed and maintained in order to achieve high productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of Contact Centre as the key contact point for the bank’s customers. To ensure that the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is executed based on the strategies as per BCP and to direct, coordinate and monitor the activities in the BCP Plan. To monitor the safety and health condition at Contact Centre and Customer Care as the Organizational Safety and Health (OSH), floor marshal.



Duties and Responsibilities


  1. System


  • Maintaining proper records of users ID and system access for Contact Centre users.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the Contact Centre telephony system to ensure that all system components are functioning properly.
  • Maintaining up-to-date records of all IT and Telephony equipment’s.
  • Liaising with vendor, IT department or related departments in Bank Islam for any requirements, problems and issues on Contact Centre system and to ensure that they are attended to within the agreed time frame.
  • Providing system training to Contact Centre users, especially to the new staff.
  • In Charge (Key Person) in setting up and maintaining the disaster recovery site and Contact Centre expansion plan and new system acquisition especially in telephony system and equipment requirements.
  • To assist in ensuring Contact Centre compliances with the bank policies and procedures, especially in relation to system usage and access.
  • To extract and provide call details in case of any complaint or dispute made about the service quality provided by Contact Centre staff.
  • To help manage Contact Centre daily staffing requirements to help assigning agents, skills and priority depending on the staff skills and volumes of calls for each call category. 
  • Ensure full adherence to process as stipulated in the Contact Centre Operational Manual.
  • Attend and adhere to scheduled working time during weekend, weekday, and public holiday.
  • Ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance with Bank wide policy and procedures.
  • Assist or carry out duties on project /assignments basis (from time to time and ensure the completion of the project/assignment on timely manner.



  1. Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Coordinator


  • BCM Unit Coordinator
  • Assist Division Coordinator to prepare test plan, checklist, contact list and other related BCM documents.
  • Closely work with and lead the execution of BCP.
  • Execute strategies as per BCP.
  • Review BCP plan and recommend any necessary revisions.
  • Ensure all changes to the plan are submitted to BCM Coordinator for updates.
  • Maintain team member details and BCP equipment details required.
  • Ensure all team members are familiar with their roles and responsibilities.
  • Direct, coordinate and monitor the activities in the BCP Plan.
  • Ensure all BCM activities and recovery deadlines are met.
  • To ensure that technical aspects of the Contact Centre telephony system are taken care of. E.g. system readiness in BCP site.
  • Liaising with system vendor or service provider (e.g. TM) for assistance.        
  • To carry out all other assignments delegated by the Contact Centre Division and BCM Division Coordinator.


  • Organizational Safety and Health (OSH) – Floor Marshal

  • Floor Marshal for Contact Centre and Customer Care Department.
  • To monitor the safety and health condition at Contac Centre and Customer Care.
  • To maintain safety the First Aid Kit at Contact Centre and Customer Care.
  • To report to the Secretary of OSH on any potential safety or health issue that may arise.
  • To propose safety measure (including purchase of required requirement)
  • To assist the OSH Committee during Fire Drill exercises
  • To keep records of staff based at Contact Centre and Customer Care that require close care in the instance of critical illness, pregnancy, or disability.
  • To ensure that all firefighting equipment at Contact Centre and Customer Care is in good working condition.
  • To ensure all emergency exit doors are clean and clear (unblock) to allow for emergency excess and regress by crew and/or staff.
  • *Any other duties/assignment as and when directed/assigned by the superior as per operational requirement from time to time.



  1. Degree in any related discipline. Preferably in banking and business field.

Years of Experience

  1. More than 10 years’ working experience especially in financial institutions or Contact Centre customer services.

Specific Skills/Knowledge and Certification Required


  1. Possess IT background in telephony system and case management system.


  1. Hands on experience in handling and coordinating Contact Centre Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery.


  1. Ability to perform trouble shooting for network and desktop hardware and software.


  1. Experience in project management and managing external vendor.


  1. Good communication and interpersonal skills.


  1. Good listening and problem-solving skills.


  1. Good overall understanding on bank’s products and services


  1. Able to work under minimum supervision and assistance.


  1. Able to interact at various organizational levels.