Senior Associate, Business Performance & Division Support, Performance Management Office

Req ID:  6333
Job Description: 

Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Business Performance


Budget Management

  • Prepare divisional budget on timely basis for overall Deposit & Investment, Budget By Segments i.e. Individual and Non Individual, SME & Non-SME and by Line of Business (LOB).
  • Ensure that Key Risk Ratio for Budget in line with the Bank’s direction.
  • Prepare revised divisional budget on timely basis i.e. Forecast & Projection for overall Deposit & Investment, Budget By Segments i.e. Individual and Non Individual, SME & Non-SME and by Line of Business (LOB).
  • Prepare budget for Expenses for the division i..e Budget & Forecast.
  • Prepared budget for fee based income for the division.
  • Oversee and manage the actual performance against budget/ forecast/ projection and prepare justfication on any gap variance especially for areas of unsatisfactory performance.
  • Prepare the ROIs for  Business Proposal Initiative (BP) under budget proposal and planning.
  • Prepare the ROIs for business cases  i.e. Business Retail, Business Corporate, SME, Retail Digital Business and Product in order to ensure the project/ business cases are in line with approved Budget.
  • Discuss with Finance on the ROI prior submission to Management Committee.
  • Support the Budget coordination exercise and act as key contact team for the Budget/ Forecast exercise for the division.
  • Liaise with reporting departments to prepare relevant reports to assist for divisional monitoring.
  • Coordinate with various parties in finalizing budget/ forecast and projection.
  • Monitoring of PATD, NIM and FTP.
  • Coordinate with Finance, Business Teams and Liquidity Management officer/team to respond on any query from regulator division on funding plan projection for deposit and strategy to achieve budget/forecast & projection.


Management Reporting

  • Liase with reporting and analytics departments to provide financial data in management reporting.
  • Prepare management report for divisional performance for various Management Committee i.e. GMEC, ALCO, BSSC (if any) and BRC (if any) and for Group Chief Business Officers.
  • Monitor divisional project/ initiatives on periodic basis.


Deposit Analytics

  • Work with business analytic team in analyzing data related to deposit & investment of the division.
  • Provide business/ deposit insight from the input provided by business analytic team.
  • Involve in discussion/ meeting related to data analytic and data information for deposit & investment.


Liquidity Management

  • Involve in Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) and Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR) working group discussion .
  • Assist the division & sales team to understand BNM - LCR & NSFR or any BNM policy/ guideline related to liquidity matters.
  • Work together with Finance, Treasury and Risk Management on liquidity management matters.
  • Involves in Contingency Funding Plan (CFP) for the Bank.
  • Monitor Key Risk Liquidity Indicators related to DC.
  • Ensure the division to comply with Liquidity Crisis Management Policy (LCMP).
  • Review policies and methodology particularly in liquidity risk.
  • Assist the division in preparing proposal/ feedback related to Asset Liability Management Committee (ALCO) report/ matters arising.
  • Involve in system testing related to liquidity risk reporting (case to case basis).
  • Involve in Regulatory Risk Assessment Form (RRAF) and prepare gap analysis studies on the relevant document issues by Bank Negara Malaysia.
  • Involve in divisional capital monitoring i.e. divisional investment portfolio.
  • Assist for proposal to be submitted to ALCO & Board Risk Committee (BRC).
  • Monitoring Market Risk Non-Traded Management Action Triggers (MAT) to manage liquidity risk.
  • Assist Finance in monitoring divisional transactions in line with BNM requirement i.e. depositors rate.
  • Assist any query from regulator division on funding plan projection for deposit and strategy to achieve budget/forecast & projection.


  1. Division Support
  • Coordinate the working group for Divisional Business Plan (BP) and prepare submission of BP for the division.
  • Develop strategies for the division together with Strategy & Centralized Services (SCS), Group Chief Business Officer's Office – Retail.
  • Work together with SCS team and GIB (Financial Team) for divisional performance update.
  • Review and Update the Organization Chart for the division.
  • Prepare the divisional KPI and KPI monitoring.
  • Any other duties/assignment as and when directed/assigned by the superior as per business requirement from time to time.
  • Ensure adherence and compliance to all internal policies/guidelines and external regulatory requirements.


Job Requirements

  • Degree in Finance/ BBA/ Business related.
  • Minimum of 6 years working experiences.
  • Microsoft Office Software.
  • Statistical and quantitative analysis.
  • Communication and presentation skills.
  • Problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Data Visualization Tools i.e. Tableau Dashboard (Value added skill).
  • Statistical analysis software (Value added skill).
  • Business Intelligence (B)) Tool i.e. Microsoft Power BI.
  • Ability to work under pressure involves dealing with constraints/ emergencies/ ad hoc deadlines.