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Senior Manager, Credit Audit - Internal Audit

Req ID:  4342
Job Description: 


  • Responsible for planning, managing and allocation of resources for conducting Credit Audit, subsidiary and outsourced entities audit.
  • Responsible for leading/assisting all special engagement, regulatory or non-regulatory, for credit-related areas including but not limited to the following: Credit Model Validations.
  • Responsible for leading/assisting all audit engagements for all credit/investment-related entities including not limited to the following entities: BIMB Securities Sdn Bhd & its subsidiaries, BILOB, BIMB Investment Management Bhd & its subsidiaries if any.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Prepare, manage and oversee yearly audit plan for Credit Audit, subsidiary and outsourced entities. To also ensure proper execution and completion of yearly audit plan as approved by Audit Committee.
  • Prepare the Audit Planning Memorandum (APM), Time Work Sheet and Cost Sheet for audit areas identified. APM should demonstrate understanding of the business environment, define the overall audit objectives, perform a risk assessment (i.e. identify risk and exposures, calculate the impact and likelihood of the risks and outline suitable cost-effective control) and match risk to resources.
  • Ensure pre-audit activities such as preparation and completion of audit introduction letter, and audit programs were in order before commencement of each audit.
  • Lead, supervise and conduct audits and review team members' audit work.
  • Obtain and file adequate audit evidence. Obtain third party confirmation if necessary. Evidence must be sufficient, reliable, relevant and useful.
  • Document audit observations, either through audit findings or improvement recommendations (MFV), clearly identifying the criteria, condition, cause, risk (clearly state high, medium or not applicable), recommendation, and obtain management comments, if necessary.
  • Brief the GCIA and obtain direction on the team's audit findings prior to the Exit meeting. Plan and participate in the discussion of audit Exit meetings.
  • Ensure proper and adequate audit working papers are kept and submitted to Admin once finished for filing purposes.
  • Finalize and follow up on all audit observations. Ensure material deficiencies are followed up till resolved.
  • Prepare a comprehensive Audit Report and Management Letter (ML). Audit report needs to be objective, clear, concise, constructive, persuasive, results-oriented and timely.
  • Ensure professionalism, objectivity, integrity and ethics are maintained at all times.
  • Ensure proper completion of post-audit activities including review and approval of Audit Programs, assessment of team members' performance and submission of duly completed working papers together with the audit report.
  • Attend internal/external training as volunteered or nominated by the GCIA and conduct debriefing to the Internal Audit staff within 30 days.
  • Ensure adherence and compliance to all internal policies/guidelines and external regulatory requirements.
  • Any other duties/assignments as and when directed/assigned by the GCIA as per business requirements from time to time.