Business Analyst, Echannels

Req ID:  5768
Job Description: 

Duties and Responsibilities

Project Management

  1. Manage and Monitor the Project Management until its completion stage.
  2. Manage and prepare the Business Analysis and requirement for all channels.
  3. Identify new requirement, processes and ensure smooth implementation of projects and enhancement
  4. Review Program Change Request and User Requirement Specification for any system enhancement related
  5. Review project documentations for sign-off where applicable.
  1. Approval Memo
  2. Scope Of work
  3. Agreement
  4. User Requirements (URS)
  5. Functional Specification Document (FSD)
  6. Test Plan
  1. Evaluate the impact of the project/product/enhancement on bank’s system to mitigate risk and fraud factor.
  1. Prepare the Control of Operational Risk (SCOR) Declaration and
  2. Risk Assessment (RA) Form prior to implementation of new product or processes.
  3. Liaise with Op.Risk Dept. on any new enhancement where applicable.
  1. Ensure the briefing/memo on new service/process to Contact Center, Customer Service Team, Branches and others as and when required.
  1. Ensure the post migration testing verified
  1. Ensure post implementation is reviewed as and when required after project completion.
  1. Assist on manual preparation and review.
  1. Arrange and prepare documents for System Enhancement meeting with ITAP every fortnightly.
  2. Follow up with all the related parties on the progress status.
  3. Liaise with Finance, Shariah and Compliance on any User Requirements/enhancements/Terms and Conditions/FAQ related.
  1. Liaise with Brand and Marketing Communication on update of website content, user guide, Terms and Conditions, FAQ and announcement related.
  2. Prepare approval or notification paper for Management meeting (MITC, MRCC, SSC, MANCO, BRC & BITC).
  3. Facilitate the Agile development process to ensure that the Scrum team adheres to the Scrum framework. This includes organizing and leading Scrum ceremonies such as daily stand-up meetings, sprint planning, sprint review and sprint retrospective. The Scrum Master also helps the team to identify and remove any obstacles that the team is working collaboratively and efficiently.
  4. Manage and facilitate processes and practices improvement.


Operational Management

  1. Oversee the team overall day-to-day management and operations.
  2. Ensure the following task been performed once received complaint due to technical & system issue for Internet Banking, Prepaid Reload, FPX, Tabung Haji, SSPN, RPP and JomPAY from Contact Center or CSR :
  • investigation
  • escalation to ITD
  • raise production defects when necessary.
  1. Ensure the team to liaise with e-Pay and Maxis on any un-reconciled transaction for refunding process.
  1. Ensure daily Maxis settlement, commission and GL entries posting instructions in place
  2. Ensure daily reconciliation for Prepaid Reload and FPX B2C (as Buyer Bank) in place
  3. Ensure GL entries posting instructions for Prepaid Reload monthly commission in place.
  4. Ensure Credit Advice for refunding process of Prepaid Reload, Maxis and FPX B2C (as Buyer Bank) customers in place.
  5. Review payment request memo to M3Tech and iSentric for Internet Banking SMS.
  6. Ensure the team update FPX members team (eChannels, IT and Vendor) on FPX B2C (as Buyer Bank) daily performance.


Human Development / People Management

  1. Assist and coach sub-ordinates on their role/responsibilities, knowledge and skills.
  2. Lead the team towards positive and high team spirit environment.



  1. As liaison member of PayNet JomPAY and FPX ~ attend BWG meetings and ensure to comply with its guidelines
  2. Prepare slides, minutes of meeting and matters arising for weekly/monthly meeting where applicable.
  3. To comply, participate, testing in Disaster Recovery exercise for Internet Banking, JomPAY, RPP and FPX B2C (as Buyer Bank).
  4. To provide assistance to MIS Team related to Internet Banking Reporting, FAQ & Terms Conditions for access to Internet Banking reviewing of Maxis and e-PAY Agreement.
  5. Ensure adherence and compliance to all internal policies/guidelines and external regulatory requirements
  6. Any other duties/assignment as and when directed/assigned by the superior as per business requirement from time to time.
  7. Comply with parameter agreed with Risk Management, Shariah, Compliance, internal and external Auditors and Regulatory Bodies.
  8. Manage and attend LeefRed cases raised under the Internet banking and Mobile banking system.
  9. Ensure the testing conducted by testing team are comprehensive and adhere the Testing scopes defined in scope of work.